Generates a hotspot image containing areas of the source clip brighter than a given threshold. The colors of the hotspots should match the original source. This can be used for increasing contrast or finding the bright areas of a clip, but without changing the color saturation or hue of the result.

In the Sapphire Adjust effects submenu.


Source:  The current layer.   The clip to be processed.


Blur Input:   Default: 0,  Range: 0 or greater.
Allows smaller spots to be smoothed away before the hotspots are determined.

Threshold:   Default: 0.7,  Range: 0 to 1.
Include hotspots at any source areas that are brighter than this value.

Threshold Add Color:   Default rgb: [0 0 0].
This can be used to raise the threshold on a specific color and thereby reduce the hotspots generated on areas of the source clip containing that color.

Saturation:   Default: 1,  Range: -2 to 8.
Scales the color saturation. Increase for more intense colors. Set to 0 for monochrome.

Brightness:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the brightness of the result.

Opacity:   Popup menu,  Default: Normal.
Determines the method used for dealing with opacity/transparency.
All Opaque:  Use this option to render slightly faster when the input image is fully opaque with no transparency (alpha=1).
Normal:  Process opacity normally.
As Premult:  Process as if the image is already in premultiplied form (colors have been scaled by opacity). This option also renders slightly faster than Normal mode, but the results will also be in premultiplied form, which is sometimes less correct.

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