Generates a grid of lines and combines it with a background clip. Adjust the Latitude, Swing, and Roll parameters to rotate the grid on various axes, and adjust Shift and Z Dist to translate and zoom.

In the Sapphire Render effects submenu.


Background:  The current layer.   The clip to draw the grid on.


Boxes:   X & Y,  Integer,   Default: [24 16],  Range: 1 to 200.
The total number of grid cells in the horizontal and vertical directions.

Grid Size:   Default: 720,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the size of the grid object.

Grid Size X:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the relative horizontal size of the grid.

Grid Size Y:   Default: 0.75,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the relative vertical size of the grid.

Shift:   X & Y,   Default: [360 243],  Range: any.
Translates the grid by this amount.

Line Width:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the thickness of all the grid lines.

H Line Rel Width:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the relative thickness of the horizontal lines.

V Line Rel Width:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the relative thickness of the vertical lines.

Major Line Spacing:   Integer,  Default: 4,  Range: 0 to 200.
Thicker lines are drawn at each interval of this many lines. If zero, the major lines are disabled and all lines will be equal width.

Major Line Width:   Default: 2.5,  Range: 1 or greater.
The relative thickness of the major lines.

Brightness:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 to 10.
Scales the brightness of the grid color.

Color:   Default rgb: [1 1 1].
The color of the grid.

Grid Opacity:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 to 1.
The opacity of the grid. Lower values allow more background to show through.

Latitude:   Default: 0,  Range: -89 to 89.
Tilts the grid up or down by this many degrees.

Swing:   Default: 0,  Range: any.
Rotation of the grid in degrees in its initial frame.

Roll:   Default: 0,  Range: any.
Tilts the grid from side to side, in degrees. If Latitude is 0, the effects of Swing and Roll are the same.

Z Dist:   Default: 1,  Range: 0.01 or greater.
Scales the 'distance' of the grid. Values greater than 1.0 move it farther away and make it smaller. Values less then 1.0 move it closer and enlarge it.

Tele Lens Width:   Default: 1,  Range: 0.2 to 3.
The amount of lens telescoping. Increase to zoom in with less perspective, decrease for a wider viewing angle with more perspective.

Bg Brightness:   Default: 1,  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the brightness of the background before combining with the grid. If 0, the result will contain only the grid image over black.

Combine:   Popup menu,  Default: Over.
Determines how the grid is combined with the Background.
Over:  composites the grid over the background.
Exclusion:  combines the grid and the Background with a difference operator.

Opacity:   Popup menu,  Default: Normal.
Determines the method used for dealing with opacity/transparency.
All Opaque:  Use this option to render slightly faster when the input image is fully opaque with no transparency (alpha=1).
Normal:  Process opacity normally.
As Premult:  Process as if the image is already in premultiplied form (colors have been scaled by opacity). This option also renders slightly faster than Normal mode, but the results will also be in premultiplied form, which is sometimes less correct.

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