Scrambles the pixels of the source input within an area determined by the Diffuse Amount. Use the Blur Rel X and Y parameters for a more horizontal or vertical diffuse direction. The pixelated look of this effect depends on the image resolution, so it is recommended to test your final resolution before processing.

In the Sapphire Stylize effects submenu.


Source:  The current layer.   The clip to be processed.

Matte:  Defaults to None.   If provided, this determines which areas of the image receive diffusing pixels. Gray values internally scale the Diffuse Amount parameter rather than simply cross-fading between the effect and the original source. This can allow more continuous results at the matte edges and more detailed control over the diffusion amounts. This input can be affected using the Blur Matte, Invert Matte, or Matte Use parameters.


Diffuse Amount:   Default: 36,  Range: 0 or greater.
The amplitude of the pixel diffusion process.

Rel Amount:   X & Y,   Default: [1 1],  Range: 0 or greater.
Scales the relative horizontal and vertical amounts of diffusion.

Wrap:   X & Y,  Popup menu,  Default: [Reflect Reflect].
Determines the method for accessing outside the borders of the source image.
No:  gives black beyond the borders.
Tile:  repeats a copy of the image.
Reflect:  repeats a mirrored copy. Edges are often less visible with this method.

Blur Matte:   Default: 0,  Range: 0 or greater.
Blurs the Matte input by this amount before using. This can provide a smoother transition between the matted and unmatted areas. It has no effect unless the Matte input is provided.

Invert Matte:   Check-box,  Default: off.
If on, inverts the Matte input so the effect is applied to areas where the Matte is black instead of white. This has no effect unless the Matte input is provided.

Matte Use:   Popup menu,  Default: Luma.
Determines how the Matte input channels are used to make a monochrome matte.
Luma:  the luminance of the RGB channels is used.
Alpha:  only the Alpha channel is used.

Show Diffuse Amount: Check-box, Default: off.
Turns on or off the screen user interface for adjusting the Matte Use parameter.This parameter only appears on AE and Premiere, where on-screen widgets are supported.

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